Aussizz Migration - Australia Immigration Agent is a new name in the field of Australia immigration from India. At present, Indians constitute the single largest community of immigrants to Australia. In keeping with this rise in immigration, Aussizz group has set up to cater to migration services of Indians to Australia.

We are a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) accredited organization and hence are thorough about Australia immigration rules and regulations. Our knowledge has assisted us in guiding willing Indian immigrants to move over and settle in Australia without any trouble. It is our endeavour to offer comprehensive solution to your migration demands that include consultation and facilitation. as consultants

The services of an Australian immigration consultant become necessary considering the different categories of visas that are offered. Australian visas are issued by Department of Immigration and Citizenship to eligible candidates. These eligibility conditions depend on the class of visa applied for. For instance, Australia immigration visa could be categorised into ‘student visa’, ‘visitor visa’, ‘general skilled migration visa’, ‘employed sponsored visa’, ‘partner visa’ and so on. Each of these categories has several subclasses which need to be understood properly.

This is essential particularly for candidates immigrating on student visa. There are separate sub classes for school studies, post graduate and doctoral courses, and vocational training. Each one of these subclasses is assessed in accordance with different rule sets. Our consultancy service is helpful in deciding your exact subclass.

Our consultancy service is specifically directed at educating Australian immigration applicants about the eligibility conditions of each of these visa types, their underlining rules and regulations, validity period, application fees and so on. It is essential to understand your exact requirements before suggesting an appropriate Australia visa. Consultancy becomes all the more essential to make an error free application. as facilitators, being a comprehensive service provider, works as facilitators for obtaining an Australian visa. As migration to Australia is impossible without a proper visa, it is imperative that your application for immigration is done in accordance with Department of Immigration and Citizenship guidelines.

It is necessary that your Australia visa application is complete in every respect and substantiated by documentary proof wherever required. Requisite visa fees must also be submitted. Only a registered migration agent as us could aid you in completing application as desired. Each of these applications is pre-assessed by us so that they may be free from errors and forwarded to Australian immigration authorities for processing. An application complete in every respect is processed faster.

Our professionalism

Our professional approach has helped us in carving out a niche for ourselves in these immigration services. We are manned with people who are not only well conversant with Australian migration laws but keep themselves updated as well. Staying updated is essential as visa rules change periodically. We spend sufficient time with eligible candidates while assessing applications.

Every single application is checked meticulously and any inadequacy pointed out without delay. As a professional organization, it is our responsibility to familiarise applicants about the latest Australian immigration laws. For better functionality, we operate through different branch offices spread out in important locations in India and Australia.

Our affordability is among the most affordable service providers and facilitators for Australian migration. The service charge taken separately from your visa fees is a singular payment.        

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