[Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike brand founded from 1963 to 1972 was officially named as NIKE, developed to go beyond already the leading brand Adidas, Puma, Reebok, known as the "new world for nearly 20 years The most successful consumer goods companies "created. Since 1989, Li Ning has been founded more than twenty years, although there has been dominant for the Chinese sports brand, but the field of sports brands in the world, but difficult to humble. Li Ning and Nike gap where Southern Ke Zu slightly leaders believe in the following four areas: First, the difference between the spokesperson on: first-class and second-rate star superstar gap advertising generally adopted modern celebrity endorsements, on the one hand, research psychologist final analysis people are always subject to the temptation of celebrity endorsements, whether it is good or bad, our minds are born generously to us The attention more toward celebrities. In addition, a pure product of advertising and publicity a celebrity there to promote products from the advertising broadcast simultaneously, under the guidance of the subconscious, the audience will have the pure product advertising information delivered doubt psychological, but for those whom they regarded as the subconscious Friend's celebrity made the recommendation will produce a sens Retro jordans for sale e of trust. Sales celebrity influence on naturally formed. First look at the Nike spokesperson lineup, Bryant basketball field, James, Anthony, Parker et al., Football fields C Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Drogba, etc., tennis Nadal, Maria Sharapova, etc. These spokesperson covering almost all areas of the topmost superstar. These celebrity endorsements bring the first brand promotion, excited to see the star make people more deepened Nike's image in people's minds, so that Nike is more widely known. Secondly, the star's endorsement will increase confidence in the minds of the product, Bryant wearing Nike shoes will be so amazing to play, I wear it if it can have excellent performance. Again, in a way many sports fans will find the time to see the eyes of the superstar superstar endorsements link between himself and a hint: that we were wearing Nike shoes. Many young sports fans will rush to buy Nike shoes, to imitate the star of their own hearts. In short, not only first-class superstar endorsements brands have been promoted, it will bring to boost sales to some extent. Look at the Li Ning's spokesperson, O'Neill, Turner, Jones, of course, very well-known O'Neill earlier, but nearly retirement age, the court vested with no deposit, it is hard to combine with first-class brand. Near the end of a sports career with people cheap jordans for sale mens speak, it is with sports, dynamic brand positioning large similar tribunal. Turner, Jones is no visibility, select few people knew almost second-rate celebrity endorsements, so that Li Ning's international reputation is difficult to upgrade, sports fans also will not go in hot pursuit. From the ad uses the principle of celebrity endorsements of view, because of its small selection of well-known spokesmen, it attracted a lot of attention is also significantly less, and secondly, people are rarely able to get a sense of trust products from the unknown second-rate celebrity endorsements. The consequences of second-rate celebrity endorsements is not only brand awareness on the promotion of a lot weaker, and the impact on sales is also poor. Second, the advertising media of choice: the gap between first-class and second-rate media media The quality evaluation of advertising media there are many factors, such as arrival rate, coverage, authoritative, and so on. It has a close relationship with the brand strategy, local brands are mostly local media choice, if you want to become an international brand would need to select the international media, we must continue to make use of international advertising media brand communication, expect to get a higher visibility . In the advertising medium of choice, the targeting of i Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping nternational brands Li Ning and Nike is very large compared to the gap. Nike's long-term dominance of international sports brand and its advertising media selection inseparable. In the television media choice, multiple select countries Nike high ratings authority of the media, such as in the country as the main choice of CCTV television media, and among the many game spots, which can improve the rate and reach of the audience. In newspapers and magazines media, Nike more choice national sports newspapers, magazines, such as in the country "Sports Weekly", "Basketball Vanguard" and so on. Nike most effective advertising media than their propaganda kept at the Olympics, World Cup and other events by the attention of the world, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup when Nike invite them to speak to their shooting star "kicked Legend" videos, extensive causing the target audience's attention, and thus the most effective to enhance brand preference and purchase intent. In contrast, Li Ning, although playing sports brand to enter the world's top five goals, but few have ads running in the international media. Although Li Ning in the country has been in the CCTV advertising, but want to go out of China in the international arena needs more authority to select media publicity. In the international competitions are rarely able to s Cheap air jordans for sale ee Li Ning, even in the local 2008 Olympics failed to get sponsorship in the World Cup it is difficult to see Li Ning figure. Brands in order to the world, advertising in the international arena is inevitable, the only way to make the brand better dissemination, and truly become an international brand. In this regard, Li Ning and Nike have a big gap, which need to go a long way to go. Third, the brand positioning: focus on the gap between the proliferation of From a functional brand positioning point of view, Nike has been pursuing for the people who love sports to provide professional sports equipment. Nike from its inception, to focus on the movement, it firmly grasp the sport more and more people pay attention to this field, focusing on the people who love sports to provide sports equipment. It is reported that Nike headquarters a few hundred people R & D team, they are based on consumer demand, and improve body mechanics, optimizing product, pay attention to develop leading-edge, high-tech shoes. Such professional attitude, so Nike sports products have been welcomed by customers. Nike positioned about sports so get up more consumers see Nike can think to their favorite sport, the Nike brand is merged with movement. Nike sports in addition to positioning functions, positioning the brand appeal is the spread of Retro jordans for sale a brave struggle and aggressive spirit of sport. The spread of the spirit of sport is undoubtedly a great success of the Nike brand operational, it is more able to evoke the voices of the people who love sports. It organizes a variety of sporting events sponsored by the spiritual movement spread around the world, so that people pursue while Nike is pursuing an aggressive sport spirit. The other hand, Li Ning, which has been giving a feeling of flooding in the brand positioning functionality. Li Ning has been positioned between the sports and leisure swing, swing the consequences of this is that consumers can not judge him in the end is a sport or leisure. So no clear positioning is impossible to grasp the consequences of its customer groups, not to mention culture more customer groups. In an increasingly competitive market circumstances, who did more professional, more focused on a particular field, who can seize the customer, you can get considerable development. In the appeal of the brand personality positioning, Li Ning and Nike can not practice more comparable. It seems to ignore this aspect of the brand personality, unable to find a spirit or personality from his various brand communication. From Gallup survey done for the Li Ning can also get a glimpse: consumers that "Li Ning" like them around a distinctive cheap jordan shoes for men character is not a friend, that he was very cordial, very familiar, but it is the lack of a distinct personality. Brand like a man, a man of character will make people bear in mind, on the contrary, it is difficult to impress, Nike in this respect the role played a very good benchmark. Fourth, the target market: the movement of people who love the gap between young people of With the enhancement of people's living standards and concepts, people concerned about the increasingly high degree of movement, especially young people. Such broad market will bring endless benefits, Nike seize this trend, their target market is people who love sports. In determining the target market, Nike product design, research and development but also to a more professional attitude to create a first-class sports equipment, bring security and comfort for the movement of people. In terms of brand communication, Nike is adhering to the theme of sports, to promote the spirit of sports, Nike and exercise together. When you see more people wearing Nike sports shoes ride in the sports arena, we found that Nike's target market is so accurate. Li Ning has been committed to its target market of young people aged between 14 to 28 years old, student-oriented, medium-sized cities, like sports, advocating trendy and cosmopolitan population trends. cheap jordans online But according to statistics really buy Li Ning Sports Goods of core consumer ages are in between 18 to 45 years, living in two cities, middle-income, not "sports of heavy consumers." So in 2010, Li Ning is the revamped its logo, and the slogan will be changed to "Make the Change" (make changes), in order to attract the attention of young people to be more direct consequences of doing so is likely to lose the original loyal customers, for customer loyalty is a damage. Nike positioned with all the people who love sports practice compared to a lot less, people locate loved sport will not hurt some consumers can be more sought after. target market is different, after guiding product design, brand communication and so on, when Li Ning product design more tend to be younger, brand communication is the concept of the use of even more young people after 90, which in the invisible has hurt the feelings of the original customers, they gradually reduce the purchase and support of Li Ning, Li Ning will be a loss. "Li Ning is Wild Regardless, Nike is the door lady", Wild aunt to become door lady, still need to improve in all aspects of their own. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)for this season to return home to play for the Chicago bulls Dwyane Wade, is undoubtedly another cha cheap jordans for sale llenging new chapter, partner Li-Ning for him to the latest Way Wade 5 of boots has recently released a new color, with a single red as the main visual it makes the shoe body contour and overall level the mesh material more prominent, brand named "Coming Home" welcome back to the flash he grew up in the windy city launched a new chapter in occupation career, believe we can see the Wade wear it in the body of the shadow court benz. The US region is scheduled to be available on the WayofWade.com online official website in November 29th. source: @wayofwade in the United States, the flag of the red / White / blue color theme, blue and white shoes collocation red soles, shoe heel covered classic burst pattern elements. It is scheduled for sale in July and is likely to be a special commemorative edition designed for the independence day of July 4th. The relevant information operators will continue to bring you reports. Please pay close attention to it. Model: 554724-107 / source: Nike belongs to the ASICS's Onitsuka Tiger line, the flag in New York last week in Manhattan's Soho District, the main fashion style in the field of Onitsuka Tiger, the total will be on modern Retro Running Shoes angle shape, like in the hall can be seen in Alvarado, Tiger Ally, Mexico 66 and other classic shoes, of course, many the new blood v cheap foamposites essels, such as Samsara Low and GSM oriented tennis shoes, according to the power, there are Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio Capsule series of cooperation site, I do not know whether you have found the sharp eyed? The shop is selling the brand recently launched Nippon Made series made in Japan, Japanese technology for the Mexico 66 Deluxe injection, Ultimate Trainer, Fabre Nippon shoes, even at both ends of the earth still store oriental flavor fragrance. venue aside from selling shoes, with gallery space, display many? Onitsuka Tiger years old shoes, observed over time and there are different considerations on the design, and invited the Japanese artist Enrico Isamu? Oyama in the shoe brush, and painting to reflect the given new visual experience. Onitsuka Tiger Soho Pop- Up Store & Gallery open time: 10am? 8pm extension: today ~ December 2017 source: Sportswear / DUNK 360 / / japanedition in 2012, various manufacturers of retro style will bring considerable everyone's memories, and following the launch of the Reebok? AI engraved shoes after the upcoming film "human essence" at the end of the Dominique Wilkins with the dunk master? Reebok Pump Twilight Zone to be a perfect ending for this year, the color of Atlanta the Hawks still celebrate the slam dunk contest champion version, there is also an inspiration com Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping es from Dwiggins's College version will be on sale, can be said to contain a combination of each stage? Dominique Wilkins basketball career, in December 24th foreign sale, you love a friend please look forward to more subsequent sale of the Taiwan news. source: sneakernews? can go through time baptism, but also stay in the minds of the classic shoes are not much money, and Air Jordan 1 'Bred' is a minority in most people's hearts legend. This pair of shoes for the small series of legendary stories without narrative, I believe there are a lot of senior researchers have assumed exploration than I know, Air Jordan 1 "Bred" following the 2013 engraved, this year is about to return to in front of everyone, but with the previous different, will be more close to the 1985 version of the debut, as to how to original, to follow our shots. Nike from the tongue cloth standard to 9 hole laces a lot, also of note are the medial ankle plus dimension, there are a bunch of English and combined into digital code, although the picture is not very clear in the end what to write, but undoubtedly this year's version presented more salute to the details of the original version. As time went a little further, banned, which had been on sale in 2011, had added "X" to the back of its shoes, which was not seen in this year's edition. if the operators have the same version at hand, they will have a chance to compare them this year! Overseas is expected to release date is September 3rd, priced at $160. source: @ajsole_com / @iamchickenwopThis is the Reebok Ventilator was born in 1990 25th anniversary, the advent of the Ventilator is very innovative design of a shoe at the time, the honeycomb cushion and breathable uppers collocation with futuristic appearance, many runners like, so it's not hard to imagine Reebok will once again be the classic shoes and shoes store foreign joint Titolo foreign cooperation, will be available in July 25th. 's Desert Dawn is inspired by climate change in the desert. The sun disappeared after sunset, the temperature will drop below zero, and in the dark before the dawn, the sky will be split out of a red sun, and then again when the heat of the day repeated cycle, between cold and hot, is light and darkness of the handover, while the dawn is the red the sun does not belong to any party, still exists between the two. source: Sneaker PoliticsThe British shop Offspring and Adidas Originals to launch the latest 2014 autumn and winter series "Track" Pack, including the classic ZX 420 and Torsion Response Lite, the use of advanced materials and colors for the overall effect is particularly eye-catching. 0.jpg (234.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 1.jpg (409.4 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 2.jpg (465.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 3.jpg (282.13 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 4.jpg (67.54 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 5.jpg (88.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 6.jpg (69.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20 7.jpg (52.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 10:20201096105511712.jpg (61.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-7 08:54 upload High-end brand visvim century village at , in the previous visvim Furrg Kudu-Folk 2010 FIL and limited stage is introduced, reports visvim Furg Kudo-Folk brings for everyone, and the coffee color version of the visvim Furg Kudo- Folk 2010 winter boots have also been published, similarly to the Vibram sole and high standard suede handmade. Weave a quite perfect spark. 201096105518224.jpg (73.56 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-7 08:54 upload 201096105523722.jpg (30.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-7 08:54 upload 201096105529283.jpg (57.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-9-7 08:54 uploadAdidas Originals Spezial 2013-12-08 22:50:49 on this new color; Adidas Originals Spezial to the street full of the sense of shape and rich color choice to win a lot of friends of all ages, the Adidas Originals once again released a new color of the Spezial. This is the red version before a red version is more beautiful, three bars and the heel with a black and red building, vamp to hit color effect, and with a brown rubber outsole is a bipolar for all-match shoes, worthy of recommendation.Recently, the network outflow of a group of exquisite objects out of the box, so that we can enjoy its luxurious charm for the first time. The design of the new shoe shoes nature has also become a major focus of attention, the outer sleeve design, not for the previous version of the drawer type shoe, with a dust bag and two pieces of lace remains a high specification of Pinnacle series. It is reported that the shoes will be officially released on December, the selling price of 2999 yuan, like friends may wish to pay attention to.